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Final Fantasy Type 0 -- Meet the Members of Class 0

Get up to speed on Rem, Machina and the rest of the cast before you play the demo later this week.


Following last week's look at the world of Final Fantasy Type-0, Square Enix has provided a close look at the characters who make up Class 0.

Class 0 is one particular class in the Suzaku magic school. There are other classes in the school, but this one's special because it's the one you control.

Below, you'll find a look at eleven members of Class 0 and their special skills.

Ace (Voice: Yuuki Kaji)

Ace uses cards as his weapon for close and long-range attacks. His ability is "Deck Open" where he draws four cards. The cards do things like attack, heal, and perform status modifiers.

Queen (Voice: Ami Koshimizu)

Uses a sword as her weapon, with a standard attack "saber" striking in continuous attacks. Her ability is Cross, where she aims the sword at the heavens and releases light in the shape of a cross, dealing damage to enemies and healing allies.

Nine (Voice: Daisuke Ono)

Uses a lance as his weapon. His standard attack involves a combo which ends with him using his great strength to send the enemy flying. His ability is Jump, where he leaps over the head of a target enemy and slashes down, dealing damage to enemies in the area of the strike point.

Machina Kunagiri (Voice: Hiroshi Kamiya)

Machina uses a dual rapier as his weapon. His standard attack is a combo that strikes up to 10 times. His ability is Spin Drive, where he spins the rapiers like a drill, dealing repeated damage to the enemy.

Rem Tokimiya (Voice: Ryoko Shiraishi)

Rem uses dual daggers and two types of magic as her weapons. Her ability is Aspilbenom (I think this name comes from skills in other FF games) where she sends out a ball of light at the enemy, dealing repeated damage and sucking up MP.

King (Voice: Tomokazu Sugita)

King uses dual guns as his weapon. His standard Hand Gun attack can deal damage near and far. His ability is Powerd Bullet, a powerful attack using an explosive bullet that can strike a nearby enemy.

Sice (Voice: Miyuki Sawashiro)

Sice uses a scythe as her weapon. Her ability is Black Hole, which pulls in enemies and renders them immobile.

Eight (Voice: Miyu Irino)

Eight is a fighting expert uses his fists as his weapon of choice. His standard attack is Knuckle, which strikes at opponents with quick movements. His ability is "Form of the Gale" (this is a rough translation of the Japanese). During this move, you can make Eight perform a variety of actions depending on your analogue pad inputs.

Jack (Voice: Kenichi Suzumura)

The always smiling Jack uses a katana as his weapon for strong attacks. His ability is "Mikiri," where he evades enemy attack and does a quick, powerful counter

Seven (Voice: Mayuko Aoki)

Seven uses a "snake sword" as her weapon -- basically, a whip line with blades. Her standard whip attack can deal damage to enemies in a range. Her ability is Catch, where she grabs an enemy and unleashes electric damage against it or pulls it to her.

Deuce (Voice: Kana Hanazawa)

Deuce uses the flute as a weapon. This flute can send out "Onkai" (literally "masses of sound") which attacks the enemy. The Onkai can also be set in place to trap the enemy. Her ability is Concerto, which ups ally statuses and deals damage to enemies.

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