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Neptune Mk.2 Trailer 3 Featuring Takahashi Meijin

This latest trailer has appearances from Gust, Nippon Ichi, 5pb. Falcom and a certain former Hudson spokesperson.


Compile Heart released the third Neptune Mk.2 trailer today. The two minute clip shows lots of battle sequences with ROM, RAM, and other characters, and even some of the collaborative characters like Nippon Ichi, 5pb., Falcom, Cave and Gust.

The dude at the end of the clip is former Hudson spokesperson Takahashi Meijin. He's for some reason delivering the seizure warning -- play the game with the lights bright and at a distance from the television.

Also be sure and visit the official site for battle system and item synthesis details. Those who plan on purchasing the game will also find a template for creating costumes which can be used to customize your characters.

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