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Tetsuya Nomura's Dengeki PlayStation Cover

Lightning, Serah, Noel, Rem, Machina and Noctis in a special drawing.


Here's the special Dengeki PlayStation cover that Tetsuya Nomura drew to commemorate the magazine's 500th issue.

Nomura shared a few comments on the cover in an interview in this issue (summed up at Sokuho@Hokanko).

Making the drawing was difficult, said Nomura, because it was the first time since 2007's Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII that he was doing a drawing for someone outside the company.

Originally, he was planning on just having three characters, one each from the Fabula Nova Crystallis games. He ended up going with six characters instead. For Type-0, he selected Rem and Machina even though the characters in the game are all equal existences. For XIII-2, it would feel lonely having just Noel, so he wanted to add Lightning. But something didn't seem right about just those two so he added Serah to the mix. FF Versus XIII's Noctis was added just because it's a special occasion.

Notice the smiles on Serah and Rem (to the lower right)? Originally, no one was smiling, but with considerations for balance, Nomura adjusted the two with slight smiles.

Dengeki's Nomura and Type-0 coverage (images via Dengeki Online).

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