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Senritsu no Stratus Gets a Trailer and a Release Date

Konami and Nudemaker's PSP title arriving in October.


Think Final Fantasy Type-0 is going to be the last major PSP release? Konami and developer Nudemaker may have something to say about that!

Check out this new trailer for Senritsu no Stratus, an all original PSP action title from Nudemaker. The three minutes thirty seconds of footage has both story scenes and gameplay, showing the game's mix of side-view scrolling action and mech combat.

The trailer reveals that the game's structure will be like that of an anime series in the sense that it will be split into episodes, with each episode ending with a previews of the following episode.

Joining the trailer, Konami announced that the game will be released on October 27. Its retail UMD version will cost ¥5,980, with a download version going for ¥5,480.

The retail version will include a 16 page art book as a bonus item. This book features original illustrations from Katsumi Enami, the game's character designer (official site here) as well as design illustrations from the game's development.

Konami Style will offer a limited edition with an original soundtrack, strap, drama CD, clear file, poster and other goodies. You can see all these bonuses at the product listing page

The first print run bonus art book.

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