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Final Fantasy Type-0 Rem Panty Shots!

Things to do when you don't have a PSP to play the demo.


If I had a PSP to play the Final Fantasy Type-0 demo, I'd be translating all the dialogue now (just like I did for Final Fantasy XIII's demo many years ago).

But I don't have a PSP, so instead of the translation, here are some panty shots that have surfaced for Rem.

There are other female characters in Type-0, but Rem is special because she's believed to be one the game's two main characters alongside fellow Class 0 student Machina. Of course, the developers have insisted that all the students of Class 0 have equal status (Class 0 is itself the game's "main character"), but it doesn't help that Tetsuya Nomura selected these two for special artwork.

To be fair to all readers, I'll update if someone figures out how to take Machina underwear shots.

For those who do have a PSP, or those who don't get off to 480x272 pixel panty pics, you can download the Type-0 demo now through the Japanese PlayStation Store or the game's official site.

[Via Hachimaki]

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