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Disgaea 3 Return Confirmed for PlayStation Vita Launch

Nippon Ichi officially announces Vita port at Akihabara event.


Missing from Dengeki PlayStation's report on Disgaea 3 Return this week was an indication on when the PlayStation Vita port/remake would see release. Nippon Ichi provided that information today.

Famitsu.com reports that Nippon Ichi confirmed the game as a Vita launch title during a stage event at today's Akihabara Denkigai Festival. The site did not provide additional details aside from this, but promised a more detailed report on the stage event later in the day.

Of course, this still doesn't tell us specifically when we'll get to play the game. However, Sony has indicated that the Japanese Vita launch is planned for this year, so we can probably flag the game as TBA 2011 for now.

With Nippon Ichi providing official announcement of Return today, we'll hopefully get a first look shortly. For details on what was shared in Dengeki PlayStation earlier this week, see our previous coverage.

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