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Amazon Prices Disgaea 3 Return

PlayStation Vita pricing could be a bit higher than PSP pricing.


Thanks to Amazon.co.jp, we have our first indicator of what PlayStation Vita games will cost. The retailer posted a listing today for Nippon Ichi's Disgaea 3 Return. The listing shows an MSRP of ¥6,090.

Standard pricing of ¥6,090 would be a bit higher than standard pricing for PSP games. While higher end PSP titles go for ¥6,090, or up to ¥7,700 in the case of something like Final Fantasy Type-0, most general releases are priced ¥5,040.

Most stores don't actually charge MSRP for games, of course. For Disgaea 3 Return, Amazon cuts the price 15%, so you're only paying ¥5,117. Other retailers tend to give reward points to buyers as well.

Disgaea 3 Return is an updated port of a PlayStation 3 title. Nippon Ichi announced today that the game will launch opposite the Vita hardware. Amazon lists the game's release time frame as TBA 2011.

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