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Imageepoch Holding Chevalier Saga Tactics Press Conference Tomorrow

We'll hopefully get details on long awaited browser tactics game.


Final Promise Story is already out, and Black Rock Shooter is due out later this month. So what's next from Imageepoch? We may find out tomorrow as the publisher/developer holds a press conference for Chevalier Saga Tactics.

You may remember hearing about Chevalier Saga Tactics when Imageepoch declared its intentions as a publisher late last year. The game was announced as the world's first browser-based tactics-style strategy RPG. In addition to a free-to-play PC version on NHN Japan's Han Game service, Imageepoch said that a PlayStation 3 version would also see release.

We've heard little about the game since the announcement, but tomorrow's press conference should hopefully offers specifics, at the very least on the PC browser version. The event will be held from 11:00 to 12:00 and will be live streamed via Ustream. Access this Ustream page to watch.

In a Tweet announcing the press conference today, Imageepoch CEO Ryoei Mikage described the game as a large project with the same level of development cost as an HD console game. The project is jointly funded by Imageepoch and NHN.

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