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Final Fantasy Type-0 Sub Characters

Moogles, Commandants and more!


You've met the main playable cast of Final Fantasy Type-0 (read this story if you haven't met them). Today, Square Enix provided a look at the game's sub characters.

Kurasame (From Rebrum)

Voiced by Takahiro Sakurai. The commander/teacher of the Suzaku Peristylium magic school's Class 0, the group of students you control.

Izana (From Rebrum)

Voiced by Keiji Fujiwara. A Suzaku soldier who has a scar on his face. He likes chocobos and can always be seen caring for his chocobo Chichiri.

Moogle (From Rebrum)

Voiced by Sumire Morohoshi. Moogle stands for Military Operation Organization Guidance Logistics Expert. Each class at the Suzaku Peristylium are given a Moogle. Their activities include giving out missions to the students. This particular Moogle is from your Class 0. The thirteen Moogles at the Suzaku Peristylium form the "Cranberry Knights."

Arecia Al-Rashia (From Rebrum)

Voiced by Atsuko Tanaka. The head of magic at the Suzaku Peristylium, Arecia works on developing and reforming magic. The students of Class 0 call her "Mother."

Suzaku Peristylium Members (From Rebrum)

These four are commanders at the Suzaku Peristylium. They're listed here counterclockwise:

  • Commissar (voiced by Masako Nozawa)
  • Commandant (voiced by Kenji Utsumi)
  • Cadetmaster (voiced by Masako Ikeda)
  • Provost (voiced by Shigeru Chiba)

Quator Bashtar (From Milites Empire)

Voiced by Hideo Ishikawa. A general with the Milites Empire. He's trusted by his subordinates, and is considered a force to be feared by other nations.

Celestia (From Kingdom of Concordia)

Voiced by Nana Mizuki. Head of Akatoki, one of the five protecting forces of Concordia's Souryu Peristylium. She has the trust of the people and her subordinates.

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