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Sony Cuts PlayStation 3 Price Worldwide

System now 24,980 yen. Low priced PSP revision also announced.


As one of its main announcements from the GamesCom games event in Germany today, Sony dropped the price of the PlayStation 3 worldwide. Effective immediately, the system will be 249 Euros (Europe), 249 dollars (America) and 24,980 yen (Japan).

In Japan, the system's base 160 gigabyte model currently costs 29,980 yen. Sony also has 320 gigabyte models and bundles with the "Torne" DVR attachment. Sony Japan has yet to make an official announcement for the new price, so we'll have to wait to see if all the models get a similar 5,000 yen drop.

Sony also announced a lower priced 99 Euro PlayStation Portable model, but it's currently unclear if this is due for release internationally.

Sony's ful lineup of hardware: PSP (the new model), Vita, Move and PS3.
The new low priced PSP model. It's unclear if this will be released in Japan, where the system continues to top the hardware charts at its current price.

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