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Elevator Action Deluxe is a Remake

PS3 downloadable title being developed by original staff. Release set for later this month.

Square Enix has yet to share screens from the remake, but with Famitsu's report out we'll presumably get a look later this week.

A few days after Square Enix confirmed the existence of Elevator Action Deluxe, first details have leaked out of Famitsu.

The magazine reports that the PS3 title is a remake that's being developed by the original arcade version's staff. Players will be able to select between remake and original versions.

In the remake version, the basic gameplay remains in tact. The game will include new weapons, including a machine gun and a laser gun. The game will also offer four player offline multiplayer play.

As a neat little bonus for retro fans, the game includes illustrations and fliers from past Taito classics like Time Gal and Kiki Keikai. These are unlocked when you clear a stage.

Elevator Actions Deluxe is due for PS3 download release on August 31.

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