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Keji Inafune Working With Idea Factory on Girls Love Sim

Take advice from Uncle Inafune on love and outsmarting crazy theme park employees.

Keiji Inafune in Neptune MkII.

Idea Factory is making a new PSP love sim.

No surprises there.

Keiji Inafune, former head of development at Capcom, is working with them on it.

Actually, this isn't too surprising either, considering Inafune leant his likeness (and other facets of his persona) to Idea Factory subsidiary Compile Heart for Neptune MkII (which isn't a love sim, but it does have little girls who transform into other little girls who are supposed to represent game consoles).

Revealed on the pages of this week's Famitsu, the new "Bakudan Handan" is a mystery-themed love adventure game that's meant for girls. The game is set in a theme park which has been taken over by someone someone in a bear suit who threatens to blow up the place. As you attempt to clear this crisis, you'll experience romance with a group of charming gentlemen (yes, the plots in these girls-oriented love sims tend to be this hilarious rad).

Keiji Inafune is listed in Famitsu's credits box as "cooperating" with the game's development. The magazine reports that a "Keiji Inafune" is producing the game's theme park, which is full of video game themed attractions. The magazine also reports that a "Keiji Inafune" is the main character's uncle, and he offers advice throughout the game. It's unclear if either of these Keiji Inafunes are the real one.

Bakudan Handan is due for PSP release in 2012, priced ¥6,090 in standard form and ¥8,190 in limited form. The game's name, incidentally, is another play on Inafune's "Donna Handanda" meme, which you can read about here.

More of Keiji Inafune in Neptune MkII.

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