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The Next Idolmaster Gravure Series is "School Outfits."

Take pics of the idols in school outfits and school swimwear.

From the first volume of the Gravure 4 You series.

Virtual idols in bathing suits? Meh.

Virtual idols in schoolgirl outfits? Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme!!!

As previously detailed, the first entry in "Idolmaster Gravure 4 You," an offshoot of the Idolmaster series where you take pictures of the game's idols, is themed around the beach and lets you dress the girls up in swimsuits.

Famitsu reveals this week that the second entry will be school themed, meaning the girls will dressed in school outfits.

But not just school outfits. The second entry will also include school swimwear. You'll be able to take pics of the girls in the classroom when they change into their swimsuits for swimming class (presumably not while they're in the act of changing though -- it's not that type of game, after all... unless you know the secret code, which I'm forbidden from revealing).

To get the first volume of the series, you'll have to pick up the limited edition of PlayStation 3's Idolmaster 2. The second volume and beyond will be included with the Blu-ray releases of the Idolmaster anime.

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