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Things You Can Do to a Moogle in Final Fantasy XIII-2


In Final Fantasy XIII-2, Serah carries a Moogle with her. It serves as her weapon in battle, but that's not all!

The upcoming issue of Jump lists three examples of things you can do with the Moogle:

Moogle Hunt: Tell the Moogle to search for things. When you see a flash above its head, you'll know that there's something hidden.

Moogle Toss: Once you've developed stronger ties with your Moogle, you can toss it long distances to get treasure boxes.

Moogle Clock: When the Moogle detects an enemy, a clock-like gauge will appear on the screen. If you press circle within the time limit you can get a pre-emptive strike or choose to flee.

I'll kupo you!

[Via FF-Reunion]

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