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Atelier Series Towel Conversion Characters Selected

Totori and friends to be redrawn by Meru Kishida for life size towels.


Attention please. The following Atelier series characters have been selected to be converted into life size body towels.

  • Totori (511 votes)
  • Mimi (466 votes)
  • Meruru (406 votes)
  • Este (323 votes)
  • Young Rorona (217 votes)

Gust held voting on the towel conversion from July 15 through July 31. For the top three vote getters, the towels will feature newly created artwork from series illustrator Meru Kishida. (The images shown above for the three are not the actual towel drawings).

The towels with the new Kishida art will sell for ¥6,800. The other two will sell for ¥6,500. Buy here.

You can pick up the full set for ¥33,400 . That's a savings of exactly 0, but you'll get the special 900x400mm "Meruru Dream Towel" shown mosaicked below.

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