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First PlayStation Vita Disgaea 3 Return Screens


Here's our first full res Disgaea 3 Return screenshot, just in case you wanted to see what those pre-Disgaea 4 Nippon Ichi sprites look like at Vita resolutions.

This is the only full res shot Nippon Ichi shared today as it announced a couple of promotional campaigns for the game. (If you can read Japanese, check out 4Gamer for the details.)

Famitsu.com posted a lengthy preview with a bunch of additional screens, at the usual low Famitsu.com resolution of course. The images show many of the new features, including two of the new characters, the new Disgaea 4-ish close-up character shots during conversation sequences, and new attacks, so definitely check it out!

The site also confirms that the game will use front and rear touch controls.

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