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Monster Hunter Offshoot Beats Pokemon Offshoot For Top Sales Spot

Monster Hunter Diary attempts to attract a more casual audience compared to the multi million selling main numbered titles. Capcom has mentioned the offshoot's success with female audiences.

In the battle of the mega franchise offshoots, Monster Hunter came out just ahead of Pokemon this week. Monster Hunter Diary G was the best selling game for the week covering August 8 through August 14, its 98,000 unit sales besting the 86,000 of Super Pokemon Scramble.

Despite taking the top spot, G is off to a much slower start than its predecessor. The original Monster Hunter Diary offshoot, released in August of last year, debuted with 256,000 units, then went on to sell over 500,000 units.

Super Pokemon Scramble, meanwhile, is the first retail Pokemon game for 3DS. Its predecessor was a WiiWare game, so we don't have specific sales data for comparisons. Pokemon Co. delayed the game's release by a couple of weeks, presumably to line it up with the 3DS price drop that took effect on the 11th.

Here are Media Create's top 20 software releases for August 8 through August 14, as passed along today at 4Gamer. Publisher, release date and life to date sales are in parentheses.

We already reported on the initial response the 3DS got following its 10,000 yen price drop on the 11th. Media Create's sales figures are a bit lower than the 214,000 units Enterbrain reported earlier in the week.

Here are the full hardware numbers covering August 8 through August 14.

  • 1. 3DS: 196,077 (4,132)
  • 2. PSP: 40,389 (35,619)
  • 3. PS3: 20,239 (18,338)
  • 4. Wii: 19,607 (17,004)
  • 5. DSi LL: 4,213 (4,176)
  • 6. DSi: 3,531 (3,900)
  • 7. X360: 1,576 (1,406)
  • 8. PS2: 1,513 (1,529)
  • 9. DS Lite: 90 (102)
  • 10. PSP go: 20 (7)

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