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First Look: PlayStation 3 Elevator Action Deluxe

The classic arcade title remade in HD with new rules and new modes.


Square Enix and Taito are remaking Elevator Action as a downloadable PlayStation 3 title. Famitsu.com has provided our first look.

As detailed yesterday, Elevator Action Deluxe is a remake of the 1983 arcade classic. The game is being developed by the original Taito staff and will feature remixed music from Taito sound unit Zuntata.

This is more than just a barebones remake, though. In addition to the new HD visuals, the game includes new weapons like machine guns and laser guns, and new gimmicks like high speed elevators and long ropes.

Multiplayer options include offline play through co-op and competitive play. In co-op, you and your fellow players work together to get through the missions. Competitive play includes three play types:

  • 1 Door Battle: Steal the secret file from the single red door that appears in the stage.
  • 8 Door Battle: Attempt to steal the most secret files from the red doors that appear in the stage.
  • Death Match: Defeat all opponents and get the highest score.

Famitsu.com does not list a price for Elevator Action Deluxe. However, the game is due for release on August 31, so we should get specifics soon enough.

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