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Disgaea 3 Return Download Pricing Announced

Retail and download versions priced differently, just like on PSP.

Disgaea 3 Return... returns... on the Vita with many new elements.

Amazon let slip pricing for PlayStation Vita's Disgaea 3 Return a couple of weeks back. Nippon Ichi has now confirmed it: the game will carry an MSRP of ¥6,090.

Nippon Ichi also provided our first price point for a downloadable Vita game. The downloadable version of Disgaea 3 Return will sell for ¥5,000.

On PSP, it's pretty typical for the MSRPs for download versions to be lower than retail versions. Retailers usually discount the retail version by 10 to 15 percent, though, so the pricing ends up being similar.

Since you're here anyway, check out this gallery for over 170 screenshots from Disgaea 3 Return.

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