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Elevator Action Deluxe Official Site Reveals Pricing

Plus, one super duper high res shot of the HD remake.


Square Enix has opened the full official site for Elevator Action Deluxe. Access it in English or Japanese here.

The big revelation from the site is pricing. The game will carry a $9.99/¥1200 price.

As previously announced, the Japanese version is due on August 31. This translates to an August 30 release for North America (time zones and all).

The official site has a developers diary. In the first post, producer Yosuke Tsuda reveals that his first project when entering Taito was Elevator Action Returns. Writes Tsuda: "Yes, I was the director. lol."

A trailer for the game will be released next week, promises Tsuda. Until then, check out this single super duper high res shot.

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