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Sony Hosting PlayStation Vita Lounge at Tokyo Game Show

150 gamers to be invited to try out Vita in style.


To sample PlayStation Vita ahead of its release, you'll want to visit Sony's booth on the floor of the Tokyo Game Show. To sample the portable in style, though, you'll need to have a bit of luck.

Sony will be hosting a PlayStation Vita Special Lounge in on the second floor of its booth at TGS. This invite-only area will offer players a chance to try out PlayStation Vita games and other items.

Only 150 TGS attendees will gain access to the lounge. Sony will select 100 PlayStation Plus members and 50 PlayStation Vita Community Site commentators. Winners will still have to pay their own admission into the show, but they'll have access to the lounge for a few hours.

Visit Sony's notice page for further details (Japanese).

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