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Over 50 Hours Play Time in Tales of Xillia

Plus, check out the game's swimsuit outfits and accessory customization system.


The latest issue of Enterbrain's Otona Fami magazine (an adult-oriented counterpart to Famitsu) reveals that the upcoming Tales of Xillia will have around 50 hours of play time. That's just for the main quest, though. With all the extra stuff included, you could be playing the game for over 100 hours, the magazine says.

You'll get to experience 50 to 100 hours of the latest Tales when Xillia hits on September 8. To hold you over until then, be sure and download the free Tales of Wallpaper Collection app for iPhone.

Here are some Tales of Xillia costume pics that Famitsu.com posted last week. These shots also show the game's accessory customization system that was detailed here

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