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Save Anywhere and Go Anywhere in Tales of Xillia

A few convenient features revealed in Dengeki this week.


Namco Bandai is equipping Tales of Xillia with some convenient features. Dengeki PlayStation (via Sokuho) details a few of these features in this week's issue.

First up is a quick save feature. You can stop and restart play anywhere via a single quick save slot. Of course, the game has standard saves through save points as well.

Also sure to come in handy is the game's warp feature. Once you've taken possession of the world map, you can press R3 to call out the map and select a previously visited location for instant transport.

Dengeki also details some of the game's battle controls (in case you want to practice over the next couple of weeks -- nothing to be ashamed about!). During battle, you can make your character freely run around the battle field by holding L2 and moving with the analogue stick. You can select your current link character (the character who's linked up to your currently controlled character as a partner) via the d-pad, canceling the connection by pressing up.

A few of Dengeki's editors were able to play the game in advance and delivered quick impressions. One editor used Jude as his main character and got through 29 hours of play. He praised the feeling of scale for the world and the good tempo. He feels the character setting and development are top for the series.

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