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Facing off against Gilgamesh, one of Type-0's l'Cie characters. The l'Cie concept was featured prominently in Final Fantasy XIII.

Gilgamesh isn't the only l'Cie character in the Final Fantasy Type-0 world. This week's Dengeki introduces a few new sub characters, including a couple of l'Cie.

First up is Zhuyu, voiced by Hiroki Touchi. Zhuyu is a l'Cie from Suzaku, your school. He was once a student at the school, but he continues to wear his school clothing in the hope that that he won't forget who he is. However, many years have passed since he became a l'Cie, and he's slowly losing his feelings. Zhuyu has tremendous attack strength and can freely wield fire, which is the symbol of Suzaku.

From the invading Byakko side comes the l'Cie Qun'mi, voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi. Qun'mi, whose transformation to l'Cie was recent, wears full armor and a helmet. She'll face off against the students of Suzaku's Class 0 (that's you!) with tremendous battle strength that lets her draw out any weapon's powers beyond its limits. Screenshots show her making use of a Magitek Armor called Dainsleif. Equipped with a Crystal Jammer, this is capable of firing large numbers of missiles simultaneously.

The other two sub characters introduced in Dengeki aren't l'Cie. Yuzuki, voiced by Yuu Kobayashi, is a member of Yuzuki, one of the groups that protects Concordia Kingdom. The magazine also introduces the unnamed King of Souryu. Voiced by Jun Fukuyama, this character wears a mask.

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