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First Look at Senran Kagura Girl's Secret File Bonus Item


Check out the cover of Senran Kagura's "Girl's Secret File" bonus item.

Have you ever seen such a giant bowl of ramen?

Other points of attraction include:

  • 1. A 32 page visual book complete with an original two page comic.
  • 2. A 31 track soundtrack with over an hour of listening time.
  • 3. A drama CD. This original drama spans 5 chapters and 40 minutes

The girl on the cover up above is Yomi. She's one of the bad guys, but she got the cover honors because she was selected by fans during a voting period a few weeks back. The theme for the cover is "Welcome Home."

Visit the official site for a sampling of the drama CD.

Here are a couple of sample images from the visual book.

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