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Monster Hunter HD Shows Special Visual Options for PSP Remasters

Toggle bloom and depth of field effects.


Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD doesn't officially hit retail until Thursday. But some Monhan fanatics have gotten the game in advance, and have upload pics of what's new for PS3 players.

Here's what happens when you point the cursor to the disc icon. You can apparently select from classic video clips. The currently selected clip is MHP3rd's opening, and it comes with a warning that by watching it you'll get some spoilers into the content of the game.

Boot up the game, and you'll see the following startup screen. You can select to play the game on its own, or open Ad-Hoc Party for online play.

These next two shots show the game's options. From top to bottom in the top image, you can select from online lobby selection, sound and screen effects. The screen effects options, shown in the bottom screen, include "light bloom" and "depth of field." These settings are ignored when playing the game in 3D stereoscopic.

[via http://blog.esuteru.com/archives/4587104.html>Hachimaki]

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