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.hack//The Movie Blu-ray to Include PlayStation 3 Game [corrected]

You may get your HD .hack yet!

Scene from the .hack//The Movie CG movie, which hits theaters in January.

NOTE: Impress Watch has retracted its report about the the .hack movie Blu-ray including a PS3 game. The site says that Unozawa's comments were in reference to other hybrid style PS3 games. The story has been left as is below, but it's no longer true.

CyberConnect2 announced .hack//The Movie earlier today. While fans were likely pleased at the news of a 3DCG movie based off the franchise, it appears that many had been hoping for a PlayStation 3 revival when CC2 began teasing the announcement last week.

You may still get your PS3 .hack game. During a presentation announcing the movie today, Namco Bandai president Shin Unozawa said that the Blu-ray release for the movie will be a hybrid disc that includes a "small game." He did not provide specifics.

Namco Bandai is no stranger to these PS3 "hybrid discs." The company has already released a Macross Frontier game and movie hybrid and will be releasing a followup later this year. The hybrid discs are playable on both PS3 and standard Blu-ray players. Only PS3 owners have access to the game content.

[via Game Jouhou / Impress Watch]

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