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New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer To Debut on Television

We may not have to wait long for the game's Tokyo Game Show trailer.


BS11 will be hosting a thirty minute special about Final Fantasy XIII-2 on September 15 from 20:00 to 20:30. The content of the special includes:

  • The latest information on the game
  • Promotion videos from E3 and Japan Expo
  • Gameplay footage showing the game's new elements
  • A look in the production studio from Sazh voice actor Masashi Ebara
  • Video messages from special guests
  • First look at a new trailer

The 15th is also the first day of the Tokyo Game Show. Unless Square Enix has staffed up its trailer department, the new trailer promised for the show is presumably the same footage that will be shown at TGS (not that Square Enix has actually confirmed a trailer for TGS, although it is likely). This means that those who are unable to attend TGS may not have to wait long for the footage to appear online.

A pendant, a knife... what other items does Serah hold?

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