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PlayStation Vita New Little King Story Playable at Tokyo Game Show

Vita title has new story, touch controls, and more realistic character proportions.

The little king doesn't look quite as little in the new Vita title.

Famitsu's reveal article on PlayStation Vita's New Little King Story says that the game will be playable at September's Tokyo Game Show in Sony Computer Entertainment's booth. Attendees will get to sample a battle involving large numbers of your kingdom's residents.

As detailed earlier today, New Little King Story is a Vita followup to Wii's Little King Story. While Marvelous Entertainment published the Wii version, Konami is the publisher of the Vita version. However, the copyright statement in Famitsu also lists Marvelous and AQ Interactive.

Based off a summary of Famitsu's article at Sokuho@Hokanko, it's not clear if the game is completely new or if it's an updated version of the Wii title. The game is said to have a new story, but the main character and heroine are listed as King Corobo and Princess Apricot, both from the original.

The Vita version features full touch based controls. The game will also use the system's power for a visual engine that can show seamless time and weather shifts.

More dramatic than any of those changes, though, is the change to visual style. While the Wii version had cute "super deformed" style characters, the Vita characters have more realistic proportions.

Famitsu does not provide a release time frame for New Little King Story.

Screenshots from Wii's Little King Story. We should be getting a first look at the Vita game tomorrow.

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