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This Is What an Adventure Rhythm Game Looks Like

First look at Sega's original 3DS title, Rhythm Thief R.


Just in case you had a hard time picturing what a "rhythm adventure" game could possibly look like, Famitsu.com has provided the answer with first screenshots from Sega's Rhythm Thief R.

The game appears to have different types of rhythm gameplay depending on the situation. When escaping from the cops, the gameplay involves pressing A to jump and B to slide. When facing off in battle against members of a mysterious knight group, you press left on the d-pad to attack the left enemy and the A button to attack the right enemy. As for the stylish dance scenes shown in the screens, Famitsu doesn't say where they're used.

As detailed earlier (see our previous story here), Rhythm Thief R puts you in control of Ralph and his dog Fondue. Ralph is an 18-year old resident of Paris who becomes Phantom Thief R at night.

The game's story begins when Napoleon's coffin is stolen. Three years later, we meet Ralph, who lives in the Paris suburbs. Ralph's Phantom Thief R alter ego is known throughout the city for stealing things and returning them three days later. His latest target is an artifact from the Louvre. This artifact has a symbol which Ralph hopes will help him find his father.

As one would expect of a rhythm game, Rhythm Thief R will feature collaborations with famous artists. Sega promises details on the collaborations in a future update.

Rhythm Thief R is due for 3DS release this Winter.

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