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Konami's Mysterious Fourth PlayStation Vita Game is AR Combat Digi Q

Take control of radio controlled tanks using Vita's dual analogue sticks and Smart AR tech.


We already knew about Asphalt Injection. New Little King's Story can be seen in this story. Mahjong Fight Club goes against this site's strict policy against writing about mahjong games.

That leaves just one mystery title in Konami's PlayStation Vita Tokyo Game Show lineup, which was announced earlier today at a press conference.

Here are a couple a couple of tiny screenshots of "AR Combat Digi Q."

AR Combat Digi Q is based off Konami's infrared mini vehicle series Digi Q, which was first released in 2001.

This Vita adaptation of Digi Q is an online combat game where you control radio controlled vehicles using the Vita's dual analogue sticks. As indicated by the "AR" in the name, the game will use Vita's Smart AR technology, allowing you to set your battles against whatever backdrop you like.

AR Combat Digi Q will be released as a download exclusive title. Konami says that it will have ad-hoc wireless support.

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