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Idolmaster Gravure 4 U Bikini Box

Plus, the latest screens from the PS3 version of Idolmaster 2.


This is what you'll find inside the limited edition version of PlayStation 3's Idolmaster 2.

That's the cover for volume 1 of Gravure 4 U, a bonus game that lets you take pictures of the idols. Volume 1's theme is the beach and bathing suits, making the cover appropriate.

The only way to get volume 1 is through the limited edition of Idolmaster 2. Volumes 2 and beyond will, as as previously detailed, be included with the Blu-ray releases of the Idolmaster 2 anime. You'll find additional details on Gravure 4 U here.

Volume 2 is school themed:

Joining the Gravure 4 U volume 1 box shot, Namco Bandai provided the latest screens of Idolmaster 2 today. The shots show the new Princess Melody outfit and Seven Color Button song (you can't see the song, of course, but it's what the girls are dancing to). A promotion video featuring these items will debut during the Idolmaster 2 Tokyo Game Show stage event.

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