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PlayStation Vita New Kamaitachi no Yoru Screenshots

The blue silhouettes are now polygon-based.


With its blue silhouette characters, the new PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 entry in Chunsoft's popular suspense adventure series Kamaitachi no Yoru retains the look of its predecessors. The big difference is that everything, including the characters and backgrounds, is composed of 3D objects.

These screens, which come our way via the Vita community site also show provide our first look at the game's new multiplayer component, where 100 players team up to competitively solve a mystery.

Chunsoft hasn't detailed the mode yet, but we can get some hints from this screen:

  • The game appears to take place over a seven day period.
  • There are stats for rank (listed as 23rd here), score, coins, recon, defense and investigation.
  • Options allow you to see the current participating players, view a log, purchase items, and view your currently held "cards."

The game's multiplayer component will support cross platform play between Via and PlayStation 3.

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