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Retailer Lists Budget Monster Hunter Portable 3rd For September

You can play Monster Hunter Portable 3rd in HD on your PlayStation 3 now.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd has already sold a billion copies at full price. Now we'll be able to see if it can squeeze out even more sales with a lower price point.

A few retailers have posted listings for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd PSP the Best today. Set for release on September 22, the game will carry a price of ¥2,990.

Assuming the retail leaks are true (they usually are), expect an announcement closer to TGS.

Now the big question is, will there be any other Monster Hunter related announcements at the show? Current popular speculation surrounds an HD version of Portable 3rd for Vita and a "Monster Hunter Portable 3G" (based off the Wii title -- an updated "G" version is common for the series) for 3DS.

[Via Hachimaki]

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