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BlazBlue Developers Want Cross Platform Play and 3G Support For Extend

Tokyo Game Show version features full sixty frames per second visuals.

Console and portable gamers could be playing against one another.

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend is coming to PlayStation Vita. It's coming to PlayStation 3 too. So the natural question is, will there be cross platform play?

In the latest developer interview at the PlayStation Vita Community site, Arc System Works' Hiroyuki Masuno and Toshimichi Mori were asked just that.

Unfortunately, they didn't give a clear answer. Masuno said that they'd like to support cross platform play if at all possible. It's a feature they have their eyes on, as it could be a major selling point.

Mori said that they'd like to implement the feature in part because other companies are planning on having cross platform play features in their games. They'll be consulting with Sony Computer Entertainment, and he hopes everything goes well.

Masuno added that he wants the discussions with Sony to cover the possibility of support for network-based combat via 3G.

Of course, none of this offers confirmation that the game will have 3G combat support or cross platform play. But it should be reassuring that Mori and Masuno are at least looking into the features.

The two also discussed the game's Tokyo Game Show demo. Attendees will get to sample the latest build. It's been improved over E3. Stages that could not run at 60 frames per second back at the June event now run at the full sixty frames.

Hiroyuki Masuno (left) and Toshimichi Mori (right). Photo courtesy the PS Vita community site.

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