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Cave Adventure Game Instant Brain Has Kinect Support

Dialogue reading refined.


Those hands-free love sims that were supposed to make Kinect sell a billion units in Japan never materialized. But Kinect will be put to use in another Japan-only genre shortly: the visual novel.

According to Game Jouhou, Cave's Xbox 360 exclusive visual novel/adventure game Instant Brain has Kinect support. The hands free gaming device is used for such convenient features as:

  • Swipe your hand to skip messages
  • Raise your hand to open the backlog (for reading previous dialogue)
  • Rotate your hand to select options

Game Jouhou didn't say where they got the information, but given that it's the end of the month, I'm going to guess it's from Famitsu Xbox 360.

Kinect's first visual novel will see release on November 10.

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