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Falcom Has Surprise Announcements For Tokyo Game Show


September's Tokyo Game Show (soon to be known as "this month's Tokyo Game Show") is likely to have lots and lots of surprise announcements. Some of these surprises will come from Falcom, whose official Twitter was updated today with a post promising "surprising unannounced surprises." That's right, surprise twice in one sentence!

A couple of caveats that should be taken into account for most Japanese teases:

1. It's unclear if they're referring to one surprise or lots of surprises

2. "Unannounced" could mean "mentioned in a Famitsu or Dengeki interview before but not officially announced." This would apply to the PlayStation Vita game the company's CEO said it was working on back when the system was still known as NGP.

Separate from surprising surprise announcements, Falcom is also giving away some sweet bonus goodies this year:

The set includes a copy of Falcom Magazine, a strap, and a giant (565x380mm) Legend of Heroes Ao no Kiseki bag. Different from most giant TGS bags, this one lights up with LED lights.

If you manage to make it to the show on Sunday, September 18, you'll be able to see a performance by legendary Falcom sound unit jdk Band. The group will perform the Ao no Kiseki theme song live.

Falcom will be displaying its product in Konami's booth this year (Konami is Falcom's distributor). The company promises an increased number of kiosks this year.

[via Game Jouhou]

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