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God Eater Developer Possibly Working on PlayStation Vita Action Game

Give us this in high res, Namco Bandai, and we may consider forgiving you (partially) for all the bad stuff you've done this generation.

Some shaky evidence has surfaced suggesting that a new God Eater game may be in development for PlayStation Vita.

You'll recall that Namco Bandai said back in May that it expects to sell 500,000 units of the God Eater franchise in Japan this fiscal year. This was our first indication that a new God Eater game was in development. But for what platform?

God Eater is made by a company called Shift. Shift has also worked on games like The Record of Piposaru War for PSP, Xi Colosseum for PSP and Kensa-X for Wii, but God Eater is easily their biggest success.

Shift is based out of Fujisawa, a city in Tokyo neighbor Kanagawa. It so happens that a recruitment agency (PDF) is listing a position for programmers to work on an action game at a company based in Fujisawa. According to the listing, which does not mention Shift by name, the game is being made for either PSP or PlayStation Vita.

[Via My Game News Flash]

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