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Tales of Xillia Costume Pricing Revealed

Play dress up with the Xillia characters, for the price of another Tales game.

School outfits.

Like Vesperia and Graces before it, Namco Bandai is readying download content for Tales of Xillia. And like Vesperia and Graces, you're going to have to pay for the content.

Namco Bandai previously announced collaborative costumes with Star Driver and Idolmaster 2, along with school outfits and swimwear. These will be released and priced as follows:

Star Driver
Released on 9/8 (simultaneous with the game). Six costumes, priced ¥500 each.
Idolmaster 2
Released 9/15. Three costumes, priced ¥300 each.
Released 9/15. Six costumes, priced ¥300 each.
School Outfits
Released 9/29. Six costumes, priced ¥300 each.

That's a total of ¥7,500 if you want to get all the outfits.

With Xillia looking like it could outsell Graces and Vesperia, we can probably expect Namco Bandai to provide additional download content beyond this, so start saving up!

Star Driver.

[Via Tales Nihongo de OK]

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