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Atsushi Inaba Denies Bayonetta 2 News

Beware Tweets from Hideki Kamiya, warns fellow Platinum producer.

No Platinum Games announcements this week, it seems.

This week's Famitsu is packed with major news -- Persona 4 Vita, a Persona 4 fighting game from the BlazBlue team (seriously!), Persona 5, Yakuza 5, a new 3DS game from the Fatal Frame team, Gal Gun for PS3 (<- removed because not major news).

But the announcement that would have outclassed all of these (except for maybe the Gal Gun announcement) appears to be missing. From what we can see, there's no Bayonetta 2 news in the magazine.

Talk of a Bayonetta 2 announcement started yesterday as the original's director, Hideki Kamiya, responded to a fan request for an update on the sequel with a mysterious Tweet: "This week... in a game magazine." We wrote about the Tweet but warned that he might be joking (or Trolling, as the kids say nowadays).

In case you're still holding out, fellow Platinum producer Atsushi Inaba has weighed in on the matter. In a Tweet earlier today, he wrote that having heard the rumor that a new Platinum Games title would be announced in a game magazine his week, he climbed the chain to the source and ended up at Kamiya. "There is no such announcement!" continued Inaba's Tweet.

Inaba warned that Kamiya's Tweets tend to have jokes that push the limit, so followers should be ware.

Don't trust this man! (Except when it comes to making games, of course, as he's really quite good at it.)

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