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Create Custom Creatures with Your Friends in Nintendo's New 3DS Title


Nintendo's latest 3DS download title is all about user generated content. In Ikimono Zukuri: Crea-toy (puns removed and Japanese translated to English, that's like: "Make a Creature: Create Toy"), you assemble parts to create a custom creature. Your creatures can be exchanged with other players who can interact with them and even use them as models to create their own creatures.

The creatures you're creating are mysterious beings called "Kunyape" who hail from a small planet somewhere. You create Kunyape by combining over 500 parts, applying color, and adding pre-made accessories. You can also create background objects like trees.

Once you have a bunch of Kunyape, you can play mini games, go out with your Kunyape on "Walking Quests," take pictures of your Kunyape (using the background objects you created), and even make your Kunyape appear in front of you through AR cards. Using Spot Pass or QR Codes, you can exchange your Kunyape with other players. Kunyape you've received in this way can be interacted with and used as models for further creation.

Crea-toy will be available on the Nintendo e-Shop on September 7 for 700 yen. Visit the game's official site for videos and screens.

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