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A Closer Look at Tales of Xillia's Pricey Download Content


We mentioned earlier this week that the initial download content for Tales of Xillia could end up costing you the price of a second Tales game. We should have said the cost of two Tales games.

This chart shows all the announced download content:

The two 15th anniversary costumes on the upper left are included with the first print run of the game, so we'll flag them as free.

Below that are the six Star Driver costumes, at ¥500 each.

Below that, the three Idolmaster 2 costumes, at ¥300 each.

Below that, the bonus costume that's included with Ayumi Hamasaki's theme song single CD. You have to buy the CD to get this, but let's be controversial and add ¥1,890 to the total.

Below that, pics of four front hair attachment sets, at ¥100 each set.

To the upper right, the six school outfits, at ¥300 each.

Below that, the six swimsuits, at ¥300 each.

Below the swimsuits, the six maid and butler outfits. These are currently not priced or dated.

Finally six costumes that dress the Xillia cast like the characters from past Tales games (Can you recognize who's who? No cheating by reading the names!). These are ¥300 each.

If you're a mega Tales fanatic who just has to buy every single item and costume, you'll end up paying over ¥13,000. But that's what you get for being a mega Tales fanatic who just has to buy every single item and costume.

[via Hachimaki]

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