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Final Fantasy XIII-2: The Shocking Truth Behind Noel

Plus, what's Lightning up to nowadays?

Noel hails from the future, but he quickly masters the Gran Pulse national pastime of Moogle Tossing.

The latest issue of Jump reveals the true nature of Final Fantasy XIII-2 main character Noel. According to the magazine, Noel is actually a traveler from the future. He's the last surviving human in a future world that was on the brink of doom.

These details come from Tales Source, one of our regular sources for early Jump leaks.

The magazine also provides an introduction to Lightning, who's revealed to remain a knight, protecting the temple of the goddess Etro in Valhalla, or the "invisible world." Screenshots apparently show her riding her FFXIII summon, Odin.

Famitsu teased an update on FFXIII-2 for its next issue, so we'll probably get the usual Dengeki/Famitsu information blast with even more details early next week.

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