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Dragon Quest X May Have Usage Fees

A mysterious column appears in the game's spec sheet.


Dragon Quest X is an online RPG. Most online RPGs have subscription charges.

So, will Dragon Quest X have a subscription charge?

A news item at the new Dragon Quest series portal suggests that this may be the case.

A section at the bottom of the article lists the game's specs. Platform is listed as Wii and Wii U. Release time frame is listed as 2012 for Wii and date TBA for Wii U.

The row for price mentions both "price" and "usage fee." For both Wii and Wii U, these are listed as TBA>

The inclusion of a section for "usage fee" would suggest that Square Enix plans on charging players to play DQX. Of course, we'll have to wait for confirmation and further details.

The first screenshot of DQX, released at today's press conference.

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