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Nine New PlayStation Vita Games in This Week's Famitsu

Get set for another flood of Vita news.


Famitsu has been packed with PlayStation Vita news its past two issues. That's not going to let up for this week's issue.

A preview of the upcoming issue at Famitsu.com says to expect a thirteen page feature on Vita. The feature will include information on nine new PlayStation Vita games.

Famitsu will also have news about Final Fantasy XIII-2 this week, including details on Noel (presumably a more in-depth explanation about his time travel exploits) and the updated battle system.

This week's Famitsu hits on Thursday, but as always details will likely leak out on Wednesday. Dengeki PlayStation is also publishing this week. Their info (which should include new Persona details) usually leaks out on Tuesday.

Preview of this week's Famitsu.

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