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3DS Monster Hunter and Slide Pad Expansion in This Week's Famitsu

Portable version of MH3 said to retain water elements of Wii counterpart.

It looks like 3DS owners will be getting an updated version of the million selling Wii Monhan game.

This isn't exactly confirmed yet, but our usual flying get leak sources are saying that Famitsu has a first look this week at Monster Hunter 3G, a 3DS entry in the Monster Hunter series. The game will reportedly retain the water elements of Wii's Monster Hunter 3 and will offer local wireless play. A release is planned for the end of the year.

The 3DS title has been highly rumored, so this news wouldn't be too much of a surprise. If true, it would represent the first time the series has appeared on a portable system other than PSP (and iPhone, if that counts).

Famitsu also has details on a new first party Nintendo peripheral that expands the 3DS with a second slide pad. This attaches next to the system's face buttons.

We'll hopefully have glorious confirmation or shameful debunkment (or possibly a bit of each!) a bit.

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