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Nintendo's 3DS Slide Pad is Like a Cradle

Monster Hunter producer refers to device as "secret weapon" for playing 3DS Monster Hunter like Wii version.


Based off initial descriptions, Nintendo's new slide pad attachment for the 3DS appeared to be a little device that sticks off one side of the system. This is incorrect. Images from Weekly Famitsu, which got the scoop on the item, show that the device looks more like a cradle.

Officially the "Kakuchou Slide Pad," or "Expansion Slide Pad," the 3DS sits inside the cradle. Everything lines up so that the second slide pad is to the immediate right of the four face buttons. The slide pad itself appears to be smaller than the system's main slide pad.

It's unclear if Nintendo made the device specifically for Monster Hunter 3G, but the device is introduced in Famitsu's reveal article on the new 3DS Monster Hunter game.

Famitsu interviewed Monster Hunter series supervisor Ryozo Tsujimoto about MHP3G and the slide pad expansion. The device provides a good grip on the system, said Tsujimoto. He jokingly referred to the expansion as a "secret weapon" which will allow you to play the game with the same feeling as playing Monster Hunter 3 on Wii.

Monster Hunter 3G is scheduled for release at the end of the year and will go playable at the Tokyo Game Show next week. The slide pad expansion is currently without a release date.

A surprisingly accurate MS Paint depiction of the expansion. (I'm not sure where this is from, but it really is accurate.)

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