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These Were Famitsu's Nine PlayStation Vita Games

Can you guess which massive French publisher took up half the games?


Now that all the details from this week's Famitsu have leaked out, we know the identities of the nine PlayStation Vita games the magazine promised last week.

Here they are, based off a summary at Sokuho:

Ragnarok Odyssey (GungHo)
We wrote about this separately. See this story.
Sumioni (Acquire)
Dengeki PlayStation revealed this yesterday, but we miswrote the name as "Kuro-oni." Sumioni is a single player 2D action game with an ink-like art theme. You take control of Sumioni and use your brush power to draw things and clear the stage. The game supports controls via the rear and front touch screen, but you can also opt to use the analogue pad.
Shinobido 2 (Acquire)
This was previously announced. The magazine introduces a new characters and actions.
Dream Club Zero (D3 Publisher)
This was introduced in Dengeki PlayStation yesterday. Details here.
Moe Moe Daisensou Gendaiban++ (SystemSoft Alpha)
This new version of the long-running strategy series will feature new characters and other elements over the original PSP and Windows version (whose official site is here). A release is set for Spring 2012, price ¥6,090.
Michael Jackson The Experience HD (Ubisoft)
Release date and price TBA. Supports Ad-hoc and Near.
Dark Quest (Ubisoft)
Release date and price TBA. Supports Ad-hoc, 3G/Wi-Fi and Near.
Luminous Electronic Symphony (Ubisoft)
Release date and price TBA. Supports Ad-hoc, 3G/Wi-Fi and Near.
Rayman Original (Ubisoft)
Release date and price TBA. Supports Near.

That is indeed nine games! Japan's parliament is hopefully rushing through the bill that requires Famitsu to say when half the announcements are going to be Ubisoft games that were already announced overseas.

This big feature on Vita is actually the third in a row for Famitsu. For next week's Vita feature, the magazine is teasing that "That title" will come to the system. They had a similar tease before Persona 4's announcement...

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