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Screens of Ubisoft's PlayStation Vita Games

Have a look at Lumines, Michael Jackson, Rayman and Dark Quest.


Ubisoft has shared official media and details for its four PlayStation Vita games that were shown in Famitsu yesterday.

Michael Jackson The Experience HD

A portable version of the Michael Jackson rhythm game, this supports one to two players and includes 15 HD music videos. Release date and price TBA.

Dark Quest

A one to four player "hack and slash" action RPG where you fight to save a kingdom. You select a character from such classes as knight (close range combat), rogue (speed) and mage (magic). Each class has access to a variety of equipment and learns new skills as you progress. The game supports ad-hoc play for multiplayer. Release and price TBA.

Rayman Origins

A single player Rayman game. Date and price TBA.

Lumines Electronic Symphony

The latest entry in Q Entertainment's Lumines rhythm series. You'll recall that the original Lumines launched with the PSP back in 2004. The Vita version is meant to be a true evolution of that title, and returns to origins with electronic music. The game also promises to make use of Vita's social aspects, although Ubisoft has yet to saw how. Date and price TBA.

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