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Danganronpa Budget Version Seeing Visual and Control Improvements


It's rare for budget versions of games to see improvements, and whenever it happens it's usually just the inclusion of download content. Spike is going a bit further with the budget version of Danganronpa, which will see visual and control improvements over the original version. These updates will be joined by something a bit more superficial: additional illustrations in the game's Extra menu.

Spike is also making somewhat of an event out of the budget release. Joining the standard version, which is priced ¥2,940, Buyers can opt for a limited box set which includes a special box, a giant strap featuring the game's Mono Bear character, an original drama CD, a soundtrack CD, and a DVD with commercials and promotion videos. This set is priced ¥5,229.

Danganronpa goes budget on November 23.

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